Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

Minecraft server

  1. Scamming any of the online players is not allowed. If there is proof/recordings clearly showing you scamming, you will get a long, but temporary ban on the first time. The next time you get caught you get a permanent ban from the whole network.
  2. Bug Exploitation / Abusing will result in a 30d ban and then perm but if you are caught duping then it is a perm ban.
  3. Account sharing is not allowed. This is when you give someone else your account to play on. This will result in a 30d ban.
  4. Cheating/hacking will result in a 30d ban and then perm.
  5. 30 minute mute, 1 hour mute, 3 hour mute, 1 day mute, 3 day mute, 7 day mute, 1 month mute, perm mute TO OUR MODS: this isnt when a user says some profanity 3-4 times in a sentence, this is when they are spamming the profanity for example, * you * * * * yes 5 times.

Discord server

  1. Be respectful. Hate speech, racism, sexual harassment, personal attacks, threats, impersonation, abuse or trolling to the point that people feel uncomfortable is not allowed.
  2. Do not start or bring any unnecessary drama. Topics such as religion and politics are deemed too inflammatory/controversial and provocative.
  3. Do not send messages at a rapid speed, flood the chat or spam mentions.
  4. You will neither publicly nor privately expose any personal information of any member of this server.
  5. Do not advertise UNLESS we specifically state in a channel that it is allowed. Media Members are allowed to advertise.
  6. Do not break the Discords TOS and Community Guidelines Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms
  7. Do not submit a fake or unnecessary report.
  8. Sending NSFW or Pornography will result in a ban. Playing songs with NSFW sounds will result in a 2 week mute.
  9. Do not create Fake tickets or Spam ping staff in tickets.
  10. Do not send Malicious Files or Links, such as token loggers, viruses and IP grabbers.

If you have read the rules, you can go and enjoy the fun on our server!

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